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The deadline for the next Call for Proposals for Erasmus+ Programme 2017  is approaching quickly (26th of April).

We are sharing a few last minute tips to check before you submit your application:

1. National Agencies – Use the information, provided by your National Agency and check regularly for updates and news. Of course, the Programme Guide is essential source of information

2. Numbers are important – Double check the number of participants, the periods and dates, the number of partners and actions included and if they correspond to the limitations of the Programme. Make sure you fill in all the fields, even if the number you are filling in is 0.

3. Travel costs – Upon completing the distances, related to grant support of travel costs in the Erasmus+ Programme, make sure you have used the Distance Calculator

4. PICs – Each applying organization and each partner needs one PIC code. Check if all the organizations involved in your project provided you a valid PIC number

5. Financial Identification and Legal entities form –  Financial identification form and Legal entities form need to be prepared and prior uploaded. Check if you have uploaded both of the documents in your ECAS account

6. Make sure you have uploaded all the necessary documents (Declaration of Honour, Program of Activities and Mandates) to your application – The Declaration can be found in the application itself. The Official Representative of the organization must have signed it. Also, make sure that the mandates are the correct version for the deadline (April, 2017). Pay attention to the fact that all fields in the mandate need to be filled in, including the Title of the project (in the heading).

7. Program of activities – Pay attention to the way you fill in the Activities Template. Sometimes, they contain multiple sheets, one for every type of activities (mobility of youth workers, EVS and youth exchanges).

8. Double check if you have entered everything into the eForm – In case you meet any technical issues, you can refer to Technical guidelines for completing application e-Forms

9. Use the checklist before you submit your application – Before submitting the application, go through the checklist in the Application form and make sure you completed all of the actions and attached all the necessary document


10. Technical issues upon submitting your applicationIf you are unable to submit your application online due to technical issues, there is an alternative application procedure. Ensure you can  prove  that  you  tried  to  apply  before  the  official  application deadline and were not able to do so due to technical reasons, inform your National Agency and send the completed unmodified form no later than 2 hours after the deadline.

Recommendation: Make sure you save your work from time to time, since the Adobe Applications can be quite tricky sometimes and it saves you from losing your work.

It also helps if you ask a friend to proofread your application, just to be sure you didn’t miss any crucial points.

Good Luck!



Butterfly Dreamer Team




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