Intern #humanrights: ERVISA CIPI

We are proud to announce that we started the third edition of our Global Internship Program : International Human Rights ! Under the coordination of Ghita PetrusMiruna M. Apetroaei and Delia Cristiana Stamate, the interns from United States of America, Cyprus, Romania, Belgium, Greece, Pakistan, Hungary, Spain, Germany, Morroco, United Arab Emirates, India and Tunisia are currently developing great initiatives in the field of human rights !

We would like to introduce you to Ervisa Cipi ! She is 29 years old, she graduated a Bachelor of Science in Banking and Financial Management and she is currently living in USA ! She has double nationality: Albanian and Greek.

Here is a little bit information about her, in order to get to know her better !

“I want everybody to get an equal and fair chance in life”

Why do you want to change the world around you:
I want everybody to get an equal and fair chance in life.
Equality for men and women.
Equality for religions and cultures.
Equality for rich and poor countries.
Equality for all the children.
I want all the people to live peacefully on this planet. To show compassion, love, tolerance and respect for each other !!

What do you want people to know about you:

I enjoy helping people and doing only good things for them because we are all one big family sharing the same planet! I am a loving, patient and quiet person. In my free time I do swimming and yoga .

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