Message to humanity by Delia Cristiana Stamate

Delia at United Nations Office in Vienna


The world is falling apart…


“In this world of calamity”, as Damian Marley said. We are mean, selfish, we become ugly every day. Spiritually, not physically. We forget about values, principles, about others. We are selfish. We blame everything, but not ourselves. “We feel too much and think too little”, as Charlie Chaplin said in his great movie, “The Dictator”.

We can be better, but we are not. We do not want to be better. We forget about the environment, about animals, about the beauty of the world. We focus too much on us, as human beings.

The world is falling apart.

The war in Syria, diseases all around the world, tsunamis and snow with sand from the Sahara, Brexit, funerals, sick people, racism, slavery. We forget to think about how lucky we are – the few of us who still have a normal life, in one way or another.

Kindness. An utopia. Happiness – a privilege.

There are people who die of cancer, of war or due to an accident every day. There are animals who die and we do not even notice. We focus too much on ourselves. We do not invest in change, in our future, in others’ futures. We do not think about the next generations. We, humans, take everything for granted.

Women. We underestimate ourselves. Humans. We hate each other. We can be better, but we do not want to be better. We choose the comfort zone. Why? Because we are afraid. Of ourselves! Of others, of rejection, of life…

We are weak,so weak. And we prefer to step aside, not to act, not to assume risks. “I had a dream” and Martin Luther King JR are overrated. I do not blame anybody, nobody is perfect, but we all can make this world better- in any way possible.

Some by art, some by words, some by using money, some by facts. We are the world and we can change it. We HAVE to change it.

In life, a wise person once said to me that we have to do what we must do, not what we want to do. We have to aspire more, we have to do more. We need to create a better version of ourselves every day, in a world which is falling apart.

As Obama said – and I am just using his quote here – “We are the change that we seek.” We are the change. We are responsible for our facts, we, humans.

And there are good days. And there are bad days. And also days that we let pass by. And in between there are days when we can act, we can do better we can change lives, we can help people and animals. And do something MEANINGFUL. Something that will remain behind us when we die. And be better. And do better. 

And to conclude, I will quote from one of my favorite authors, Octavian Paler, a writer from Romania and say the following : “The other wolves would devour me if they could know that my roar is, in reality, a crying.” ( Ceilalţi lupi m-ar sfâşia, dacă ar şti că urletul meu e, în realitate, un plâns.)

I wake up every morning being depressed and thinking about the fact the world is falling apart. We cannot ignore this any longer. We need to act. We have to act.


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