Space Network Analysis with Shaheera

We are proud to announce that our intern, Shaheera Pesnani and international coordinator of the UMANG mentorship program, was invited to present a paper on ‘Space Network Analysis’ at a Digital Humanities conference organised by the Undergraduate Network for Research in the Humanities. The conference is scheduled to take place at Hope College in Holland, Michigan from the 16th to 18th February 2018.

Shaheera; “The project on Space Network Analysis was developed as part of my Understanding Social Networks course at Habib University, which was co-authored by me and my colleague, Fahad Ahmed Khan. The paper examines the architectural design strategies of Habib University in order to gauge how students interact with campus spaces. This analysis can be used to design more interactive spaces, understand friendship networks, and determine the correlation between the types of spaces students spend the most time at and their stress levels. Furthermore, the analysis technique can be applied to any space and identify potential networks and relations.”

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