Sunday Cover Story : Miruna Apetroaei

Miruna Apetroaei is the youngest National Coordinator at Butterfly Dreamer Network since 2015 in Romania. In 2014, Miruna participated at one of the conferences part of our educational program Dare to Dream Dare to Learn in Constanta, Romania and she became afterwards the local coordinator and official organizer of the conferences in the program, from 2014 to 2016, due to her skills and abilities in public speaking and leadership.

Miruna was in charge of the below events, part of the Dare to Dream Dare to Learn Educational Program:

  • Project Management and European Founds (8,9 November 2014)- 120 participants
  • The new direction of youth policies: Mediation and Debates (28 February -1 March 2015) – 100 participants
  • Hate fighters (25,26 July 2015)- 45 participants
  • The academy of leadership and personal development (7, 8 May 2016) – over 200 participants
  • Project Management and Business Communication (29,30 October 2016) – 200 participants

Also, Miruna is one of the official coordinators of our Global Internship Program since 2016, being in charge of recruiting, coordinating and advising interns, on different matters.  The Global Internship Program is an initiative founded in 2016, gathering interns from all around the world to work for the network.

Apart from the work with the network, Miruna is only 19 years old and she is head of the year and student at Carol Davila University in Bucharest, studying a degree in Pharmacy. She speaks fluently English, German and Spanish.

Some of the interns coordinated by her gave us a few testimonials:

Sarah Martinez, Spain: “Miruna is focused, hard-working and organized. Working alongside her has been an exceptional pleasure. She is a great communicator, she knows how to share ideas in the best way possible and also knows how to get people motivated and interested. She has pure passion for her work and she shows it in everything she does. Anyone would be lucky to work with her.”

Evisa Cipi, United States of America: “Despite her young age, she is a very caring person. She cares about her community, she cares about animals and other people. She is a person with good intentions and actions.”

Shaheera Pesnani, Pakistan: “What I gather from the interactions I have had with her is that she is very supportive and encouraging. She is the sweetest and she is willing to help you out.”

Future plans? Miruna will become the youngest board member of the network in 2018, being involved in the decision making process at an international level.


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