Testimonials – Webinar – Sebastian Burduja

After the webinar with Mr. Sebastian Burduja, here are some testimonials given by our interns: 

Rebecca Owers, Hungary – I really enjoyed listening to Sebastian, he had a lot of great points which resonated with me and I look forward to reading the resources he recommended. Thank you.

Gavriz Elena Diana, Romania – I would like to say that this was an inspirational webinar for me, it taught me great lessons. You dont see many people leaving America, and going back in their original Country. He is a really inspirational person. I am so happy that I attended the webinar.

Eleni Kyrillou, Greece – Even if I didn not hear the last 15 minutes, I have to admite that Sebastian is a really well educated person. His presentation was really inspiring. Thank you.

Miron Maria Mirabela, Romania – I am really happy that Mr. Sebastian Burduja took part in the webinar .I felt very inspired by his words and I think that because of his ideas, we should consider him a role model for young people.

Paun Daniel, Romania – I was very honored to have the occasion to meet Sebastian, I think he is a good example for people that are determined to make something to be remembered for but they do not know the right path. More than that, I am proud to see that Romanian people went so far in life and this fact motivates me. I will be very excited if I will meet Sebastian in person!

Ervisa Cipi, USA – Great ! Very inspiring! Loved it ! – I didn’t know about Sebastian burduja before this webniar. Therefore, I search his name online and I was surprised by his education and background and obviously the work he is doing nowadays. I really enjoyed the webminar. We learnt a lot about this man but most of all I think we all felt extremely inspired by him and how he sees the world.

Laura Kuhn, Morroco – Thank you very much ! That was not only informative, but truly inspiring!

Disclaimer: The following webinar was part of the activities made in the 3rd Edition of the Global Internship Program in International Human Rights, provided by Butterfly Dreamer Network and coordinated by Ghita PetrusDelia Cristiana Stamate and Miruna M. Apetroaei.


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