“I am a graduate student in mathematics at MIT in United States of America. In the past years I have pursued a couple of research directions but my current one has to be the most eccentric of them all. One can call it by many names from predicting the future to performing a magic trick. I will keep you guessing until the webinar and I will be curious to see what you think it is that I do. Looking forward to seeing you all in a couple of days and hopefully you will enjoy the conversation.”


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Time and date: Saturday, 24 February 2018, 4 PM – GMT +1

  1. Tell us more about yourself. Who you are, what did you study, why do you do what you do.

My name is Tudor Cristea-Platon and I am a student. During my undergraduate years, I read Natural Sciences and specialized in Physics. Nowadays, I study Mathematics at the graduate level and my work falls in the grey area of Hydrodynamic Quantum Analogues. I might describe my topic of research as a magic trick, with me the performer. The audience knows it is a trick… I know it is a trick… but I just cannot figure out how I did it. I work on this because it combines a good story with a great challenge to solve.

  1. In your opinion, what are the qualities of a good leader?

A good leader is a good listener. A good leader is compassionate. A good leader is a driven person, who can also inspire a similar drive in others.

  1. What do you think it is needed nowadays in the current society?

Our current society should remember the value of time as a resource.

  1. How can youngsters make a substantial change for the society they live in?

Access to information has never been greater. Educating oneself, gaining an independent voice, and sharing one’s knowledge are civic duties and are fundamental to the desired change in society.

  1. What motivates you?

My personal motivation is making people, whom I am close to, happy. My professional motivation is problem solving.

  1. What do you want people to know about you?

I am a regular person, who has the hobby of pursuing ideas that make him happy.

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